Yellowstone 2013

June 28th, we left for Montana early in the morning (as soon as I got home fromGlacier National Park working a night shift). We didn’t push it too hard; made to Cardston by early evening and camped at an RV site within the town. That gave us a good start in getting into the U.S. the following morning. Another stop at St. Mary’s in east Glacier.I had been to Glacier National Park a few times before but this was the first time with the kids. Davyn had heard a lot about “Going to the Sun Road” and has always wanted to experience it. I set up the GoPro on the top of the truck as we drove the road and made our way to Logan Pass and on towards West Glacier. Here’s part one of a two part video of the trip through the pass (in HD). Part 2 can be found on my youtube channel.

From Glacier National Park, we headed to Lewis and Clark caverns Southeast of Helena. I’d not been here in 40 years but I do remember it well. My folks told Lewis & Clark cavernsme that when we were there, I had quite a bad cough. It was bad enough that they were tempted to take me to a hospital. A few hours in the caves completely cured me of my bad cough. Likely due to the high humidity inside. The kids also seem to enjoy it. The guided tour took about 2 hours. It was a hot day that day, about 35 degrees. But in the depths of the caverns it got as low as 13 degrees. We didn’t mind the cool clean air, it was awesome! Sure would hate to lose the lights down there; it can’t get any blacker than that. They say that if you’d ever gotten lost inside without any light, you’dLewis & Clark caverns go blind within three or four days. These caves have some amazing history to them and I’d recommend anyone to see them. 

From Lewis and Clark, we drove down to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. Again, it had been 40 years since I was last here. Our campsite was near West Yellowstone, We hung around to help our American friends celebrate the 4th of July. They really know how to throw a party too. The fireworks were going yellowstone geyser and wildlifeoff throughout most of the night. Touring Yellowstone was another highlight of the trip. This is one of the largest super volcanos in the world and it’s amazing to see all the geothermic sites within the park. The boys really got a kick out of Old Faithful and the inkpots and other geysers in the area. There was some long days of touring but we didn’t get a chance to see the entire park (but we did most of it).

About a week before our planned day to come home, I got a call from myYellowstone doctor to come home for an MRI. I had been waiting for an MRI for quite a while (in prep for a upcoming shoulder surgery) and go figure, it had t be now when on our family vacation. I tried my best to reschedule it but the next available opening was in late November. We had no choice but to pack up and head for home. It was a little disappointing but we’re glad we got to see what we did. On the trip home, as we passed through the Calgary area, we got hammered by hail (video shown on the below post). There was over $11,000 damage done to our travel trailer. Other than the hail, it was an awesome trip. But I’ll have to make it up to the family later this summer, perhaps in mid-August. Hope to head to Banff or Jasper, or possibly BC.

near Logan Pass (Glacier)

Old Faithful Going to the Sun Road near Logan Pass (Glacier) East Glacier National Park Lewis & Clark Caverns Lewis & Clark Caverns Camposite near West Yellowstone one of the many Yellowstone geysers

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