Well Water

So I was going through some back up scenarios recently and decided my water well needs to be a bit of a priority. If my well pump fails or we get a power failure, how will I get water? Water is key. I have a 330 foot deep well and my static level is about 80 feet. I decided I should look into adding a hand pump to my existing facilities. After lots of research, I decided the best hand pump I can install was a ‘Simple Pump’. http://www.simplepump.com/OUR-PUMPS/Hand-Operated.html . In order to install this hand pump, I needed to know I could get past my pitless adapter which isdown 10 feet from the surface. Here’s a video of my inspection I did to determine whether or not I have enough clearance.

It was found I do not have enough clearance so I’ll have to come up with another solution to the problem. Back to the drawing board…

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