Tower 3 Project Has Begun

Tower three is finally on its way. Tower one (HF and microwave) was completed in 1999, tower two was put up two years ago (but not yet complete, more sections to add on to yet), and now I’ve finally gotten around to start on this long delayed project. It’s a 120 foot heavy duty self-supporting tower that will go up close to the house. This is the VHF/UHF tower so feedlines need to be kept short to avoid large line losses. This is why it will be situated close to the house where my ham shack is located. This is also part of a long range FPV project in which I’ll make a future post with details.

The pile holes are 12” in diameter and 14 feet deep. Stay tuned for more on this as the summer progresses. Will be taking a break as I take the family and holiday trailer down to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming in the coming days.

digging the piles piles dug out and hole cleaned up preparing rebar for piles laying forms and rebarstarting one one hole

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