Hello world! This is post #1

Welcome to my blog. This whole site is work in progress so please bear with me. There will be many changes being made over the next months or possibly the next year. I have a busy lifestyle and not a lot of time for website updates. However,I’ll do what I can to add updates as the happen. So check back from time to time and I hope you see new posts or new links (at the top menu) every so often. I’ll try and post video and pics on many of the future posts. Once again,Welcome to my site!

2 thoughts on “Hello world! This is post #1

  1. Hi,
    I fly a Lazair twin engine ultralight with factory enclosure and now I have been thinking seriously of learning to fly a powered paraglider. I know Wayne Mitchler and will have him train me. If fact I upgraded my engines on my Lazair with two Solo engines from Wayne, which he used to use on paragliders. Any day now I will go out and meet with Wayne for my training. So maybe next year we can get some flights in together. I need to practice in the mean time. Myles

  2. Hi Barry, Are you still flying ppc’s around Edmonton, I am flying 6 miles south-east of Beaumont, I found your old phone no. from sherwood park from one of your old posts. send me an e-mail if your still around maybe we can get together.

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