Hail storm near Calgary

July 6th, 2013:  We were on our way home from Wyoming (Yellowstone National Park). As we past through Calgary, there was all kinds of weather warnings of severe thunder storms and damaging winds as heard on the local radio stations. As we started to get to Airdrie, the rain started to come down hard. I had been pulling off to fuel up the truck with Diesel when down came the hail. The noise in the cab was so loud that we couldn’t hear each other even when yelling.  The kids were pretty scared as they’ve never experienced something like that before. It started about 4pm and lasted about 10 minutes.

My truck’s wipers actually stopped working because of the weight of all the hail on the windshield. I have some side window guards on each of the 4 side windows and 2 of them were completely destroyed. My hood is damaged and my wind shield was badly cracked. When I checked the travel trailer, the front and one side was riddled with dents. Even the sky-light panels were broken among other damage.


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