Garage Upgrades

 For the last five years, my garage has been pretty basic. I finally got around to working on it this fall. It’s never been insulated so I finished that plus a few other upgrades. I built a mezzanine to take advantage of the 12 foot ceiling. Also wanted a wood cook stove in case we ever lose power for some reason. The Amish in Ontario built one that interested me so I ordered on from them in September and installed it, also in the garage (no room for it in the house).  On the mezzanine I also built a room full of shelving for extra storage and the rest of the mezzanine will hold the firewood (when I transfer it over from one of the sea-cans). Below the mezzanine is the new work bench. My tools and Mig welder will soon join the work bench on that side of the garage. Also took advantage of the large steps I built entering the house. There’s a trap door where the garbage bags will go until I have a chance to burn them (or take them to the dump). Installed a radiant tube heater for primary heat, the stove will be secondary heat. Also motion sensing lighting in various areas of the garage. I still have a bit of ‘finishing’ work to do but the majority of it is finally finished. Now back to finishing the basement. I always have something on the go…

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