Down But Not Out

Well it’ been a week now since I had my shoulder surgery. Not moving too quickly around the house these days. It sucked waking up the next day in the hospital and realizing it’s your 50th B-day. Not how I envisioned turning the big Five-O. It was a fairly tough surgery the surgeon tells me. It was four hours long. Guess I really damaged things onĀ  my little accident a few years ago. Well, hopefully it will heal properly and things will slowly get back to normal. When powered paragliding this past summer, I was always in the position of not being able to let go of my left toggle in fear of not being able to grab it again. That would have made for some terrible landings (not being able to ‘flare’ with both toggles).

On the bright side, I won’t be going back to work until the spring. Bit of a holiday you can say. For another 7 weeks yet, I can’t do much of anything; not allowed to even drive! Guess it gives me a chance to work on my electronics projects I have on the bench. I’d like to have those complete by spring as well. In mid January, I’ll then have four and a half months of physio coming my way. Yeah, look forward to that. NOT!


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