Carrot thief caught

Last week, we were cleaning out what was left in the garden as I needed to rototil it up before snow comes. Didn’t have much left; just potatoes and a few rows of carrots. I noticed about 10 feet of carrots was missing. Missing was not just the green carrot tops but all the carrots that were in the ground too. Dropping around the area indicated the feeding frenzy had been going on for some time; it was obvious there was carrots in the droppings. Looked like dog droppings but there’s only one way to be sure. I set up a wildlife camera to try and catch a picture of what was feasting on our carrots.

digging for carrots after we pulled them out earlier that day

The thief was caught! It was a coyote. Got many pics of him over the  past

He continued to come back every night and look for our carrots.

week digging through what was left. I’m sure he was disappointed to find we’d cleaned out the rest of the garden. Nevertheless, he continued to keep coming back in hopes that more food would magically appear for the taking.  Even some of the local deer would occasionally stop by and pose for a picture.

say 'cheese'...

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