Brysen wins a Silver at the Battle River Regional Cross-Country Run

A few weeks ago, we didn’t even know my son Brysen could run; he didn’t seem all that interested in sports. His phys ed teacher kept encouraging him to enter the New Norway Cross-country run, an annual event attended by hundreds. She saw his ability to run well before we did. He entered and ended up winning 3rd place, a bronze medal. We were so proud of him. He then set his sights on the Regional run in Hardisty on Oct. 7th. We’re not ones to hold him back. And again, he did very well at this run too. This time he came in 2nd. We matched his time with some of the older boy’s races; he would have come in 2nd for the grade 8 boys and 6th for the grade 9s. Great job Brysen! We’re very proud of you.

Here’s the video I shot:

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