Banff and Crescent Falls 2012

The week before school was back in, we took the truck and trailer and all headed off to Banff. The original plan was to do Jasper but the weather forecast was not favorable and the wx seemed to be better south. Stayed most of the week at Johnson’s Canyon campground. Even though Davyn wanted me to take him up to some mountain peaks, there was really no hiking involved this year. Brysen had caught caught a blister on his foot from some new shoes and because he didn’t say anything about it, it wasn’t treated properly. The blister turned into an infection so he had to go easy on the walking. Thought that hikes would not be a good idea this time around.

Managed to take in some of the great sites in the area and have a great time even if we didn’t go on any hikes. Weather was ok, not as good as forecasted but definitely better than it could have been.

Last few days in the mountains we went to Crescent Falls and stayed in that campground. I was always worried about going into that area with the trailer. Since the trailer is so long, there’s a small stream I had to cross where the rear of the trailer would rub badly on the rocks; every easy to get into trouble and it’s certainly not advisable for any low riding trailer or RV. Managed to get through it fine and at least now I know I do it, I’ll be going there a lot more in the future. It’s one of the nicest falls you’ll see in Alberta and it’s highly recommended for anyone that has not yet seen it. It’s one of my favorite areas to visit. Back in our 2010 quading trip, this is the area we went to and always love coming back to it. Even saw a wedding party hike down to the lower part of the falls to take wedding pictures. Considering the way down is not easy, I’m, amazed their clothes managed to stay clean.

Also managed to teach Davyn how to chop wood and build a fire on his own. He’s 11 years old and thought it was time for him to learn how to make a fire in case he ever needs to do so to help survive.

This was Davyn's first campfire that he built on his own. Way to go buddy!


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