2nd FPV Flight Test

Here’s a quick video I shot last night. I’ve been testing some of my multi-rotors. I got the vibration dampeners set up for warmer temperatures on the brushless gimbal but it seems to giving me ‘jello’ free video even at cooler temperatures too. Normally vibration dampeners are stiffer in cooler weather which results in extra vibration. So far so good. Was also testing out the FPV system. Basically, I see what the multi-rotor sees, in real time. There’s another camera on the copter that transmits it’s video back to my video goggles. I also normally use another 10.1 inch LCD monitor but I’ve been having problems with the monitor. Most LCD monitors give a ‘blue screen’ on weak or no video signal. This is bad news when flying FPV (first person view). This monitor was not supposed to give any ‘blue screen’. Have to experiment with that some more.

So my ground station is nearly complete as well. I do still have to play with the back-up DVR that records the ‘live’ video feed and it’s OSD (on screen display) info. If the copter goes down unexpectedly, I can review the OSD info¬† and video to help recover it. Some would call these things “drones”, I prefer not to use that word : )

Here’s the video. Not bad for a second attempt. It can only get better.




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