Halloween Ghost Quad

This fall, I decided to have a little fun with a Halloween project. I built a quadcopter especially for this project; one that could take up a little extra weight. It’s a wooden frame quad with a Naza V1 flight control. The LLEDs can be remotely controlled from my RC transmitter.

I flew it around on Halloween night both in the city and near our acreage and managed to catch a few people off guard…lol.

I ran short of time to put an FPV package on it but that may be in the works for next year as I already have a super low light lens for the FPV camera. I built the copter so that in the off season, I can remove the ghost and install a brushless gimbal with anti-vibration tray that all attaches below the quad. Below is a short video as it flies:

Pumpkin Carving

A few days before Halloween, we had some friends and family over for for a little fun of pumpkin carving. I cleaned out the garage and set some some tables. We had grown 39 pumpkins in our garden this summer and it was a way to use them up. It seemed to be a big hit so it now sounds like this will be a an annual event around here.