Pigeon Lake Fly-in


Pilots at the fly-in

This past weekend we were at the Pigeon Lake PPG fly-in. It was a great turnout. We had pilots from all over Alberta and one from Regina too. The biggest problem this weekend was the limited flying time. Windy Southeast winds gave us limited flyingtime but nevertheless, it was nice to meet many of the pilots I’ve only ever met on the Alberta PPG forum. Looking forward to future fly-ins; especially if we get a lot more air time…lol.

Here’s a quick video I took of the weekend’s event. Fly Safe!


Lost Kiteboard

A friend of mine lost his kiteboard at Gull Lake this summer. He’s been going back and forth from the city to look for it. Unfortunately, he’s had no luck in finding it. It’s been over a month since he’s lost it and he believes it’s in the weeds. He asked me to either using my RC FPV copters to scan the beach for it or fly over it with my PPC or PPG and see if I can find it. The timing was bad at the time since I was taking the family to Jasper and Lake Louise area for a few weeks. When I got back, I took the PPG over to see if I can find it. Like him, I had no luck either. Here’s a short video: