It’s vacation time!!!

We’re off to Kananaskis Country and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park as soon as our house sitters become available. We should be on the area’s campsites by Sunday or Monday of the long weekend. Hope to be camping at either Elkwood, Lower Lake, or Interlakes campgrounds and eventually ‘Eau Claire’ which is a bit further North. These are the areas the movie “RV” was filmed. There are some fantastic hiking trails in the area that I know my son Davyn will be wanting to go on so I’d better muster up the energy fast. Cheers!

Boy’s Club camp-out

The weekend of June 15 – 17th, myself and my three boys met up with other members of the “Boy’s Club” for a camp-out at Starland campground near Drumheller. There were 8 other dads and 12 boys in all. It gave me a chance to get some one on one with Davyn, Brysen, and Kyle. There was LOTS of great food and no shortage of activities for the kids. The ball gloves were put to good use as well as the hiking shoes. I don’t know how many times the steep hill sides were climbed by the boys but it was certainly more than I’d try. Man those kids have energy. Saturday we made time to go into Drumheller for an afternoon of swimming and playing on the water slide. Kyle really wore me out but it was well worth it; they all had a blast. The weather for foretasted to to be rainy but we got lucky and got an abundance of sun exposure.

Thanks to Vic for organizing the camp-out.

I couldn’t ask for a better Father’s day weekend. Can’t wait until next year.