Meeting Creek quading

All the quads lined up together just before heading out

Last Sunday a bunch of us did a nice quad ride from Hwy 53 to Meeting Creek. It’s sort of an annual cross country ride where it’s the first ride of the year. It’s a chance to get out and enjoy the spring air and have a good time. We took along some of the kids; unfortunately, there wasn’t enough quads to bring along all the kids that wanted to go.

Working on a temporary fix on my tie rod

Just as we got close to Meeting Creek, my tie rod let go and suddenly my front two wheels when toe out (pointed in two different directions). Who knows how far back I’d lost one of my tie rod nuts and cotter pin. I hit a rut and it was enough knock it lose. We were pretty limited for tools so I wasn’t able to do a proper fix. We pulled the quad on its rear and did what we could. I used a pair of small vise grips to grab the rod where the nut would go, then used duct tape (yes good old duct tape) to

Duct tape saved me on this one

hold the vise grip into place along the rod. It was crude but it worked as a temporary fix until I could get something better in place later. When we go to our destination, Harvey and I found a bunch of washers and a cotter pin to hold them in place until I can get a permanent and proper fix done (thinks Jerry for the washers and pin).

They put on a great breakfast at the curling rink in Meeting Creek. The annual Meeting Creek palt feed was the night before so there was even some left over palt used up for breakfast (the Sweds know what palt is).

Davyn and myself finding some water to play in

It really hit the spot. We worked our way back to our original starting point using a different route. Managed to see and elk in the process and find more than our fair share of water and mud. It was a pretty good spring ride.